Sabbatical 2010





The first week of July we had the privilege of visiting Cancun in Mexico's Yucutan Peninsula. Some wise folk decided in the 1970s to build a resort (mainly for Americans). The retult is many hotels with many tourist venders seeking your dollars.

It was hot--so hot our cameras would fog up for the first few minutes when we wanted to use them). Most days were in the deep 90s (35+C) with high humidity--the girls loved the pool and the beach. We walked some of the high end shoping malls just to experience their ait-conditioning! It was windy--we followed tropical storm Alex and most ocean activities were canceled. It was expensive--despite the fact we stayed at an all-inclusive resort The first sign we saw was a huge advertisement for Tan Heuer. It was Americanized--no need to use our limited Spanish here. It was lovely--though I doubt it whether I will go back soon!

The Sunset Lagoon Resort

The service was very good and the girls enjoyed many activities aimed at kids. Most of all, they enjoyed the pool. Michaela and Jami became experts at going to the pool bar and ordering lemonades, drinking it with the other guests who were having MUCH more exotic drinks. I stayed mostly indoors and swam with the girls in the evening. We enjoyed the BBQ on the beach follwed by local entertainmen. Spot the watermelon, patatoes, and peppers!






The girls went horse riding at a local hacienda. I surfed the internet all morning!!


We visited Isla Mujeres, 13km off the coats of Cancun. We rented a golf cart after the girls swam and circumnavigated the 7km long, 650m wide island. Along the way we saw beautiful homes, poverty, and we visited a turtle sanctuary. Did I say it was hot? Despite the heat, tourists zip-lined over portions of ocean