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Currently I am working on a project called Virtual People (working title) with Baylor University Press. The book is a dialogue between the psychoanalytic thought of D.W. Winnicott and our love for technology.

My latest book is called: Becoming a Pastor: Forming self and Soul for ministry. Revised and Updatrd (The Pilgrim Press, Cleveland, 2014). See the link below for more information.


A play-full life: Slowing down and seeking peace. The Pilgrim Press (Cleveland, 2011).

I am proud of this book as an attempt to help people be more play-full in life. Chapters include identifying enemies of play and identifying play-full practices. The book then addresses being play-full when alone, being play-full with others, and being play-full with God.

A Play-full Life


My books address pastoral leadership.

Becoming a Pastor: Forming self and Soul for ministry. The Pilgrim Press (Cleveland, 2007).

This book came out as a Second Edition in 2014.

Becoming a Pastor


When Steeples Cry: Church leadership in times of change. The Pilgrim Press (Cleveland, 2005). 

When Steeples Cry


Other Publications


      • Virtual people (Baylor University Press: Forthcoming)
      • Becoming a pastor: Forming self and soul for ministry, Revised and Updated (The Pilgrim Press: April 2014).
      • A play-full life: Slowing down and seeking peace (The Pilgrim Press: Cleveland, 2011).
      • Reviewed:  Cole, Allan Hugh. Source: Interpretation, 67 no 4 O 2013, p 449-450. 
      • Becoming a pastor: Forming self and soul for ministry (The Pilgrim Press: Cleveland, 2007).
      • Reviewed: Binau, Brad A.. Source: Journal of Pastoral Theology, 18 no 1 Sum 2008, p 99-102.
      • When steeples cry: Leading congregations through loss and change (The Pilgrim Press: Cleveland, 2005).
      • Reviewed: Doehring, Carrie. Source: Journal of Pastoral Theology, 16 no 1 Spr 2006, p 81-82.

      Book Chapters

      •  “Playing.” In The Blackwell companion to practical theology. Edited by Bonnie Miller-McLemore(Blackwell Wiley Press: Cambridge, 2011).
      •  “Don’t and can’t get up: Serious depression.” In The church leader's counseling resource book: A guide to mental health and social problems. Edited by Cynthia Franklin & Rowena Fong (Oxford University Press: Oxford, 2011).
      • “Self-care and community.” In Welcome to field education! Edited by Matthew Floding (Alban Press: Washington, 2010).

      Articles and reviews

      • “Playing with Joel: Reflections on The Promise of Practical Theology,” (Under review with The International Journal of Practical Theology)
      • Review of Redeeming Fear: A Constructive Theology for Living into Hope by Jason C. Whitehead. In Interpretation (Forthcoming).
      • • “The Memory of Feeling: Envy and Happiness,” In Pastoral Psychology (Online First).
      • Review of The Church and the Crisis of Community: A Practical Theology of Small-Group Ministry by Theresa F. Latini. In Theology Today, Vol. 70 (October 2013).
      •  “On getting away with it: Jesus and the temptation in the desert,” In Pastoral Psychology, Volume 62, Issue 5 (September 2013), 671-686.
      • “Revisiting forgiveness as a pastoral-theological problem”, In Pastoral Psychology, Volume 61, Issue 4 (October 2012), 435-450.
      • “Women in ministry and the psychodynamics of sadness”, In Pastoral Psychology, Volume 59, No. 9 (October 2010), 769-781.
      • “Cura vitae: Restoring lives and the search to be real”, In Sacred Spaces, e-Journal of the American Association of Pastoral Counseling, Volume 1, Issue 1 (August 2010).  
      • “Calvinism,” “Donald Woods Winnicott,” “Masochism,” and “Protestantism.” In The Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion. Edited byDavid A. Leeming, Kathryn Madden and Stanton Marlan (Springer: New York, 2010).
      • “Seeing things differently and not being looked at”, In Pastoral Psychology, Volume 58,
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      • Review of Open-hearted ministry: Play as key to pastoral leadership by Michael Koppel. In Journal of Pastoral Theology, Volume 19, No. 1 (Summer 2009).
      • “Pastoral implications” for Proper 18–Proper 21: Matt. 18:15-50, Matt. 18:21-35, Matt 20:1-16, Matt. 21:23-32. In Lectionary Homiletics, Volume XIX, No. 5 (August–September 2008).
      • Review of Transforming spirituality: Integrating theology and psychology by F. LeRon Shults and Steven J. Sandage. In Interpretation (January 2008).
      • Review of Fragile connections: Memoirs of mental illness for pastoral care professionals by Donald Capps. In The Journal of Pastoral Theology,Volume 16, No. 2 (Fall 2006).   
      • “Reclaiming caritas in a hyper-masculine world.”A response to Dr. Rivera-Pagán’s“Doing Pastoral Theology in a Post-Colonial Context: Some Reflections from the Caribbean.” In The Journal of Pastoral Theology, Volume 17, No. 2 (Fall 2007).  
      • Review of Lament: Reclaiming practices in pulpit, pew, and public square bySally A. Brown and Patrick D. Miller, Editors. In Interpretation (June 2006).   
      • “Remembering the dismembered: Teaching for transformation and restoration,” In The Journal of Pastoral Theology, Volume 16, No. 1 (Spring 2006).    
      •  “Being a chaplain: Call, conversation, and charity,” In The Reformed Review, Volume 57, No. 3 (Spring, 2004).
      • “The church is a house in mourning,” In The Reformed Review, Volume 56, No. 1 (Autumn, 2002).    
      • "Paranoia." In Dictionary of Pastoral Studies. Edited by Wesley Carr (SPCK Press: London, 2002).  
      • “The search to be real. Why psychotherapists become psychotherapists,” In Journal of Religion and Health, Volume 40, No. 3 (Fall 2001). 
      • “The rod of discipline: Masochism, sadism, and the Judeo-Christian religion,” In Journal of Religion and Health, Volume 39, No. 4 (Winter 2000).  
      • "Developing a capacity for concern: The Million Man March as transitional object," In Koinonia, Volume 12, No. 1 (2000).  
      • "Towards a postmodern methodology for pastoral counseling," In Koinonia,Volume XI.1 (1999).        
      • "Religious metaphors and symbols in a psychiatric setting," with Daniël Louw. In Nederduits Gereformeerde Teologiese Tydskrif (December 1997).
      • Book note on The image of God: A theology for pastoral care and counseling by Leroy T. Howe, In Theology Today 53:4 (1997).
      • Review of Doing theology in context: South African perspectives by John W. De Gruchy and Charles Villa-Vicencio. In Koinonia, Volume VII.2 (1995).   

Lectures and workshops
A primary aspect of my calling is to be involved with the local church and in the life of my denomination, the Reformed Church in America. I believe the effectiveness of my teaching will not be stronger than the relationship I have with the church as the Body of Christ. I regularly lecture and offer workshops on: Teaching for transformation; play ; living creatively, family dynamics; loss and grief; the formation of one's self and soul; and, aspects of pastoral psychotherapy.