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Nikon D300

Fly a kite




Where do I play? Even though religion is the playground of our imaginations, I try to play as often as I can. Currently, I get the most fun out of photography, motorcycling, kite flying, music, and playing golf. However, I fish often, spend time on my kayak, and go to the gym. These activities provide opportunities where I can step into the space between subjectivity and objectivity. It is here where I can experience smallness amidst the largeness of life and where my soul can exhale.  


Im a motorcyclist who prefer BMW's. My rock red '13 BMW R1200GS LC is set up for endurance riding. I have been all the way to Prudhoe Bay on Alaska's North Slope on the bike. Have done Route 66 and the Continental Divide (off-road). I'm anticipating future trips circumnavigating Australia and riding down to Tierra del Fuego.

The previous "axle of evil" in Lusk, Wyoming

BikeWeek 2007 was a blast. Here's a slide show (5+MB) of a truly amazing experience.

BMW of Motorcycles of Grand Rapids: BMWMCGR is a dealership I can recommend without hesitation. It is a dealership with integrity and ethical practices. Whether sales or service, I have experienced Bland Kamp and BMWMCGR exemplary.  This is what they tell about themselves:

"BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids:  Established in 1990 and exclusively BMW. We specialize in new and used BMW motorcycles. Our service department has 4 BMW/State certified mechanics working on motorcycles. Our goal is to get folks in and out the same day as their appointment. In our accessory department we carry six different helmet lines, four different apparel lines and a wide variety of boots." Visit our web site at"

BMW Owners of  America

Nikon D300

I received a love for photography from my Dad. When I left South Africa for the USA in 1993, I also left my camera kit behind. Tired of digital point-and-shoot cameras, I'm back into photography with a beautiful Nikon D300 and D710 digital SLR cameras. Along the way I've added numerous lenses, tripods, flashes and more. Most of the pictures on this site were taken with this camera. Cameras help me to see things differently.



Fly a kite

I enjoy the pleasure of flying multi-line kites. Currently I own a "Typhoon" and a "Stealth," both from .  I have flown these kites in exciting places, such as the Namib Desert (Sossus Vlei) and near Cape L'Augulhas (the southern tip of Africa). These pictures were taken on Lake Michigan near Silver Lake, MI.



Golf -- More than a good walk spoiled

I love golf, but if the choice arises, I'm on my motorcycle--more fun for less time. Still, golf is a great game. Pilgrim's Run Golf Course in Michigan is a favorite course. With holes called "Difficulty (2)," "Slough of despond (3)," "Deception (4)," "Vainglory (6)," "Bottomless pit (7)--and that's only on the front nine, I imagine have an idea of the course.